Who we are

We create benchmarks on brands and businesses to power fact-based consultancy on strategic marketing decisions

Our Services

Benchmarketing has distilled 20 years of marketing effectiveness knowledge to create a fact based consultancy on key strategic issues, which is supported by a rich databank of robust evidence:


Organising high level strategic data to understand market, category and brand dynamics.


What is normal? What does good look like? What are the average values of key performance indicators in my category?


Case studies and insights on what works for other brands in your category or in comparable categories.


Bespoke consultancy projects to leverage our category and media knowledge to optimise marketing investments for clients.

The KnowledgeHub

Benchmarketing’s unique online system houses aggregated strategic and valuable data, benchmarks, case studies and insights. The KnowledgeHub’s specially crafted and curated knowledge is available to apply to different client situations and provides quantitative information to deliver swift and powerful consultancy.

Category Intelligence Analysis

Benchmarketing CIA studies are ground breaking analysis into understanding how marketing levers, brand structural factors and brand metrics affect brand perceptions and long-term sales across a category. The output identifies how to efficiently drive growth for your specific brand situation and calculates the cost to achieve growth across disparate business, brand and marketing levers.

Bespoke Consultancy Projects

From a business case for brand spend to how to grow a portfolio, the best media mix to drive sales or brand metrics and the likely impact of change, we can provide fact-based recommendations tuned to your business using all of our insights.

Our clients

Our clients range from multinational portfolio FMCG brands to small UK charities to UK new brands wanting to learn to media owners wanting a view on their channel’s performance. Contact us with your questions and situation to see example case studies.

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